Weibull Analysis

The primary advantage of the Weibull analysis is the ability to provide reasonably accurate failure analysis and failure forecasts with extremely small samples. Another advantage is that it provides a simple and useful graphical plot of the failure data.    

Why Us?

SuperSMITH (TM) software is engineered for reliability and statistical analysis for predicting life, safety, survivability, risk, cost and warranty claims, substantiation and accelerated testing by using Weibull, log normal, Crow-AMSAA, probit and Kaplan-Meier models.

SuperSMITH (TM) software is the only software compatible with the industry leading Weibull handbook written by Dr. Robert Abernethy.  

SuperSMITH (R) Software Version Information

SuperSMITH (R) Weibull


The original Weibull software by Wes Fulton for probability scale plotting and related “WE” methods updated for the latest platforms and touch capability. 

SuperSMITH Weibull is the ONLY complete probability plotting software that is 100% compatible with The New Weibull Handbook by Dr. Bob Abernethy, the leading authority on Weibull analysis. Unlocking the DEMO to FULL status is easy. 

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SuperSMITH (R) Visual


General X-Y plotting and Crow-AMSAA trending by Wes Fulton, a companion program to Weibull. 

SuperSMITH Visual is a collection of simplified business and scientific plotting routines, including best-practice Crow/AMSAA (Duane) reliability growth plotting that works hand-in-hand with SuperSMITH Weibull. Unlocking the DEMO to FULL status is the same as with the Weibull program.

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SuperSMITH (R) Ybath (TM)


Advanced Weibull mixture solution by Carl Tarum for multiple effects in the same data set.  

SuperSMITH YBath(TM) requires larger data sets for useful solutions, and it is a more complex solution required when different occurrence mechanisms are mixed together into one data set. Unlocking of the DEMO to FULL status will be similar to above. 

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