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For additional information on Weibull Analysis, please see the following references:

Web Sites Bathtub Software is associated with Fulton Findings.

 This has links to a more detailed calendar, and additional information on the software at Paul Barringer worked in the oil industry and had many applications of Weibull analysis. This site has many 1 page articles, problems of the month, and available papers from Dr. Weibull. This group of consultants works with industries to reduce variability. They teach the life cycle costing classes developed by Paul Barringer, and have other related course offerings for sale.


The following papers and publications are the basis for many of the methods used in SuperSMITH.

The New Weibull Handbook, Fifth Edition, by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy. This is available from Amazon, ISBN: 0965306232. Dr. Abernethy applied Weibull Analysis throughout his career at Pratt & Whitney, and then taught Weibull Analysis for several years. This handbook contains theory, references, and practical application of these theories.

The following papers are available from (International Electrotechnical Commission)

IEC 61164 Reliability growth – Statistical test and estimation methods. This paper focuses on component development reliability growth while IEC 61710 emphasizes repairable and non-repairable systems.

IEC 61649:2008 Weibull Analysis. This includes definitions, graphical and MLE solutions, confidence bounds, and other material. Many of these items are discussed in the New Weibull Handbook.

IEC 61710:2013: Power Law Model (Crow-AMSAA). J.T. Duane first published a reliability growth method in 1964. Dr. Larry Crow built on this work while employed at the US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity. These techniques are used in Visual Smith for reliability Growth.

AMSAA TR-652. AMSAA Reliability Growth Guide. (Downloadable from internet) This provides additional reading for the Crow-AMSAA method.

SAE 1999-01-0055 Classification and Analysis of Weibull Mixtures, Carl D. Tarum. This paper was the initial publication of the models and methods that are used in YBath™ software.

SAE 1999-01-0057 Determination of the Critical Correlation Coefficient to Establish a Good Fit for Weibull and Log-Normal failure Distributions, Carl D. Tarum. This was the original paper that was the basis for Figure 3-4 in the New Weibull Handbook. The number of failures only went to 100 failures, and a linear model was presented. Since publication, the number of failures has been expanded up to one million, and the PVE calculations were made.

Also note that many papers are available for download at, noted above. This website also has a detailed list of other reliability web sites, and reference texts.